British Colonies in North America


In this project, the students of 2nd year were asked to choose one of the first British colonies in North America, and to carry out some research on its history, culture and development. Then, they had to investigate its present characteristics, social actors, and urban problems as part of the Boston-Washington Megalopolis.

Grupo Jamstown

Jamestown was the first English permanent settlement in USA. It was founded in 1607 on the banks of the river James. Now it is part of Virginia's county.

Grupo Maryland

Maryland is one of the 50 states that constitute USA. It is ubicated in the south of the country and its most visited city is Baltimore.

Grupo New York

New York is, probably, the most famous city in the USA. It is formed by 5 districts and it has emblematic places such as Broadway Theatre, Central park and Times Square. It is situated where Hudson's river flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Grupo Plymouth

Plymouth is an english city located on Devon's county. It is between rivers Ply and Tamar, and it offers one of the most naturals ports in the world. Due to its great maritime past, this city has been on of the basis of Britihs empire.